Beach Tips for Families

beach tips to leave sand behind

Top Beach Tip: Less is Best Your beach day starts full of energy and bliss as you load up all the bags and your family races to the sand. Before you leave your house or car ask yourself if you’re going to want and be able to carry everything but the kitchen sink from water […]

Family Schedule for the Summer

family days at the beach

Enjoy carefree days by ditching the summer schedule My childhood was full of endless summer days. I never felt bored because I was given the time to explore and learn simply by doing versus structured lessons. Trust me, lessons can be found without you having to become a summer school teacher around your home. My […]

Home Composting for Beginners

biobag home composting

Easy steps to turn your organic waste into compost Disclosure: I received complimentary items from BioBag to facilitate my review. Opinions expressed are 100% mine. A few times a year we travel to Colorado and stay in a cabin that combines rustic charm with sustainable practices including composting bins and house cooling fans. After every […]

Ditch Your To Do List

to do list

Manage your to do list and take back your freedom It’s your list. You control it. Stop letting the to do list control you.  I refuse to let my to do list overwhelm me and take over my day by filling it with additional pressures. I have seen myself turn into a worry wart all because […]

Organic Grocery Shopping on a Budget

ALDI organic produce

This post was sponsored by ALDI as part of Influencer Activation for Influence Central. Fresh Food for the Frugal Grocery shopping is near the top of the list of my least favorite activities. I don’t mind browsing a farmer’s market but the thought of a grocery store outing can make me cringe. If you’re like […]

How to Save Money

online shopping

Decrease your spending & remove temptation! As I move along my journey to financial freedom I am discovering new tricks to curb my spending even before the impulse hits. The only way to pay off past debt is learning how to save money the right way. I’m in my late 30’s but better late than never […]

Hiking with Kids in Los Angeles

hiking trail in Palos Verdes

Kid-friendly hiking and salt water trails Los Angeles residents may have to endure gridlocked freeways and streets but we are rewarded with so many endless summer days. Why not take advantage of all the sun and grab your family for an oceanfront walk in Palos Verdes? This luxurious beach city offers kid-friendly hiking trails for […]

My Blueprint for Financial Freedom

financial blueprint notebook

Shifting my mindset from spender to saver I am in the final stretch of a paying off my last USC college student loan and feel a giant weight lifting off my shoulders. The celebration is going to be the first of many for me in the coming months as I’m committed to paying down my […]

Exploring Playa Vista….LA’s Silicon Beach

Playa Vista Hammock

Things to do in Playa Vista Where else in Los Angeles can you find a community that combines spaces for work, play and living with a bit of whimsy. Hidden gardens and playgrounds mimic something straight out of a fairytale. Ok maybe I’m just biased as a former resident of Playa Vista but I think […]

Quick Exercise Options for Busy Parents


Mini at-home workout sessions Summer beach days are quickly approaching and for the first time I just don’t feel ready. Long, lazy days spent on the sand are what I live for but I’m filled with more anxiety than relaxation. It boils down to mama isn’t ready for swimsuit season. I’m a bikini girl, always […]